Why Should I Invest in a Home Automation System?

Nowadays, we live in a world where our homes are not just a roof over our head; they are a base for a modern, functional lifestyle. We now have the ability to optimise our homes in great detail, allowing us to have control over all aspects of our daily lives from the press of a button. Home automation systems are in many ways the personification of this – a central control panel that allows you, via mobile or tablet, dictate a number of features within your home. Primarily, these are used for security purposes. It’s easy to fit on customised door locks, lighting, CCTV and alarms to the interface, giving you the ability to check up on your property while away or be notified via the app should anything out of the ordinary be occurring. It’s a new dimension in home protection, allowing you immediate response in the event of an incident and an invaluable sense of peace of mind should you be away from your property for a long period of time. It isn’t just these traditional security elements that home automation systems bring to the table, either. The control panel is so sophisticated that it allows lighting control to imitate your natural usage to act as a deterrent, window shading and a live intercom that can be used by security personnel to communicate with you at all times. It’s a far cry from the cumbersome security systems of two decades ago, with cameras providing little visibility with their footage and running up extensive maintenance costs – here, this centralised model allows complete flexibility with the way the security of your home is managed to ensure that it suits your needs down to the last detail. While security is the obvious benefit of home automation systems, their benefits do not begin and end there. When utilised to its full potential, each system can ensure your home is as energy efficient as possible – saving hundreds, sometimes thousands of pounds in the process. For example, temperatures throughout the whole house can be kept at a low level when it’s empty, and different rooms can have varying temperatures dependent on their function or purpose. The costly expenditure of heating rooms you don’t use as much becomes a thing of the past; heat will be distributed at a lower level, and your overall energy outlay will decrease considerably. As well as the heating throughout the home, you’ll also have the facility to shut lights off as soon as rooms are empty and ensure that appliances are off when the house is empty. Rather than keeping everything in your home on standby, you’ll be able to turn them all off at the click of a button – something that will do as much for the environment as it will for your energy costs – and after a prolonged period of usage, the system will be able to gain information regarding your routines to ensure a perfect level of performance at all times. If you’re somebody who believes that a home automation system is something that will catapult your home into the modern era, then you needn’t look any further than Mayflower International. Our systems are some of the highest quality on the market, and our team’s experience in the implementation side of things will mean that installation will be as efficient and effective as the system itself. For more information on home automation systems, on the installation process or for a quote personalised to your property, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. We’ll always aim to respond to any enquiries as soon as we can.

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