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If you would like to be able to have a video conference call from the Board Room with another department elsewhere in the building, we can install the right system to allow you to do this at the click of a button. Alternatively, if you need to make video conference calls between yourself and other offices abroad, we can install a system for this too.

Office Video Distribution Systems

Mayflower can provide you with a cabling infrastructure to cater for TV and Sky or Satellite distribution, plus video conferencing equipment throughout your commercial building for employees.

Office Digital Signage Solutions

We make use of Digital Signage to display your messages to staff and clients in a very specific and targeted way. Using this unique and modern integration of digital displays in and around your office will really capture your staff or clients attention. We work to all budgets and can provide portable solutions for your digital signage.

Outdoor Weatherproof Digital Signage Solutions

Greet staff and clients alike with a message on a high-bright outdoor screen outside of your commercial building, or display important information about upcoming events. Either way, using one of our outdoor weatherproof LED screens for your business will have a real tangible impact for your business.

Office Video Automation Systems

Control each room, Board Room, office or space at the touch of a button. Lower the screen, dim the lights and start your visual display of conference calls; all from the touch of a button from our video conference equipment. Smart office video automation is designed, supplied, installed and programmed by our in-house experts. You may not even know just what the possibilities are, which is why we’re here to provide you with expert advice to enable you to make full use of your office environment.

  • We work with architects, interior designers, builders, electricians and in fact anyone who needs to be on site, every step of the way, to ensure that you get the AV, TV, hi fi, Wi-Fi, CCTV, audio, visual, lighting, control, automation & security system installation you want, with no sign of the cables that are typically needed to achieve it.
  • Video SmartStart Offerings – Simple turnkey solutions to video-enable your enterprise. Providing you with all the critical offerings and services to quickly implement, maintain and adopt video collaboration in an easy and affordable way.
  • Universal Video Collaboration – With the touch of a button, enjoy video, voice, and content collaboration with colleagues, partners, and customers…wherever they are located and on whatever device they choose.
  • Management Applications – Intelligent solutions to centrally manage, monitor and deliver enterprise video collaboration and cloud based Video as a Service (VaaS). SIP/H.323 video call control and MCU virtualization solution manages & distributes calls across your video network with carrier-grade redundancy, resiliency, and scalability.
  • Video Content Management – Create, deliver and manage online video collaboration, training, and educational content.
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