The Benefits of a Laser over Lamps (as far as Projectors go)

Anyone with any kind of pet will know how much fun a laser can be. Recent developments in laser technology have allowed for what is possibly their greatest use to date – home laser projection. While previous generations of projectors with UHP or xenon lamps have provided us with many hundreds of hours of entertainment over the years, their limited lifespan and antiquated tech are holding them back. If you’re ready to embrace the future, it’s time to start looking at the benefits of lasers over lamps. First and foremost, due to the fact that laser light doesn’t disperse in the same way as with incandescent bulbs and lamps, you’re guaranteed a much better image quality with laser projection. This doesn’t just mean sharper images – this means bigger, better, sharper images with bolder colours than ever before. Compare the most recent movie you saw at the cinema with something you saw 10 or 20 years ago – the difference in image quality is absolutely incredible, and that’s because cinemas are already making the most of laser projection. The benefits of laser projection aren’t just limited to image quality, however. To put things in perspective, this is similar to the difference between a cathode ray television set (CRT) and a modern LED TV capable of 1080i with stereo speakers. Yes the image quality is better, but when you take a step back you can see that the difference is much more than just pixel count. In the same way that an LED TV is more efficient than a CRT, a laser projector massively outshines a lamp projector in the same way. In a nutshell, lamp projectors make white light which must then be filtered and diffused to create the colours of light you need projected; a laser projector starts with red, green and blue light and combines them to leave you with the image you need. In fact, lasers can be used to project any wavelength of light you want, meaning wider colour gamuts without sacrificing brightness. This entire process is much more efficient, using far less power to do the same thing. In reality, both draw a similar amount of power, but the laser projector leaves you with a much better, much, much brighter image. There’s also the bonus that you don’t have to wait for the bulb to warm up or cool down. Laser projectors are simply on/off – no fuss, no waiting, no hassle. If you already own a lamp projector you will know how exciting the prospect of almost zero wait time really is. Not to mention the benefit of no interruptions towards your pets or terrariums. Finally, we have the longevity of the projector. The average lamp in an old style projector lasts around 3,000 operational hours, at around £160-260 per lamp. The new Epson EH-LS10000 projector lasts for up to 30,000 hours, potentially saving you thousands of pounds over its lifespan. Granted the projector itself is a more expensive than a lamp projector, with the promise of increased efficiency, usability, lifespan and above all image quality, we like to think that they’re worth every penny. Laser projectors are the future, and they’re available here today.

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