Mayflower AV Innovative Home Automation Design and Installation

Just lately Mayflower have had some amazing experiences working with the celebs and stars in the UK

We are very proud of the Home automation systems design and installation we have completed with some major happy clients to add to our list of Home automation installations.

If you are thinking of converting your home into a Smart home that reacts for you, to the time of day and the experience you want. Please give Mayflower a call to discuss every aspect of your home automation.

Wake up to gentle sunrise style lighting with a morning coffee at your side. Venture into your heated and lit bathroom to view your favourite morning TV show whilst you get ready for work. Say goodbye to your home and let the smart home take care of the lighting, heating, audio and visual equipment throughout your home at the touch of one simple button on your favoured device. Making savings on your bills and the environment! We even take care of the security for your home using the same device. Your home and security systems know when and who is home or out for a few hours or days!

Let Mayflower make your living easy and enjoyable with their Smart Home features.

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